Pony Rides

Horsin' Around on the Farm

Introduce your little cowboy or cowgirl to our petite ponies with an old-fashioned pony ride.

Pony rides are offered on weekends starting at 10:30 AM. Riders must be under 65 pounds, no taller than 48 inches and able to hold onto a saddle by themselves.

Every pony is hand walked by an experienced handler who guides the pony and child on individual rides. Parents or guardians are always welcome to walk with the pony, child and staff member during the ride.

Pony ride tickets are $4.00, never expire and may be purchased in the Gift Shop.

Did You Know?

  • Young ponies are called foals.
  • Ponies can drink 20 to 30 gallons of water a day!
  • The first ponies were bred for pulling heavy carts for miners during the Industrial Revolution.
  • Today there are over 200 different kinds of ponies!